Jerick McKinnon Authentic Jersey  10 SURPRISING AUTOBAHN FACTS! 🚗 speedways / highways in Germany | VlogDave

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10 SURPRISING AUTOBAHN FACTS! 🚗 speedways / highways in Germany | VlogDave

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Karl Pearson was a founder of mathematical statistics.


About: 10 SURPRISING AUTOBAHN FACTS! 🚗 speedways / highways in Germany | VlogDave

Fun Fact Ein Groß teil der Deutschen Autobahn Abschnitte ist so geplant das sie in einem Notfall auch als start/Landebahn für Hauptsächlich Kampf und Transport Flugzeuge Genutzt werden Kann
I went to Germany in 2016, landed at cologne airport and hopped into our taxi, first car that passed us as we came onto some form of motorway, the guy had his laptop on his knees with no hands on the wheel 😂 great weekend though loved every bit of Germany
Fun fact: driving on the Autobahn with Chevrolet Spark can be quite intimidating :D
This video had really been looking forward to be Dave's first video to reach 100 000 views, but then suddenly the video about Rammstein's Deutschland came up. Poor little video, it almost made it! 99 780 view now ...
It was also the major influence of Eisenhower when he planned the federal interstate system here in the US. Props on the video.
Hitler didn't invent the Autobahn but he did expand it as a public works project similar to the New Deal in the USA. Albeit some of it was forced labor. Although the Interstates were conceived before WW2, Eisenhower was impressed with them to push the project through. Great post. I've had the privilege to drive on these roads and enjoyed the stunning landscape. I was told by the Polizei that even though there may be no speed limit in some rural sections, You may drive only as fast as conditions allow or appear to be in control of the vehicle. Which is subjective to the cop, just like in the states. The penalties and fines make the ones in the US look like a kiss though.
All information new to me , thanks
yes, there are parts of the autobahn that have speed limits and in my travel last august 2018, road constructions and repairs are on going. my travel was from lugano in swizerland to aalen, stuttgart, munich then to italy via innsbruck, brenner, to venice.
also es ist schon ein Vergnügen diesem Englisch zuzuhören hehehe Gute Fahrt
Great video, Dave.....and yes I did learn quite a bit from the facts you presented.🤗😊👍👍 Thank you...Danka Shane....
I knew a few of these, I would like to know some of the Germans customs regarding driving if possible. For example Signalling to allowing somebody to go ahead of you or thanking someone while on the road.
What is "sgl" and "pl"?
Warum überbetonst Du deutsch ausgesprochene Wörter so dramatisch? Rrrasttttplätzä! Was soll das?
Spain has more km in highways!
Sehr informativ, Dave. Vielen Dank. Ich bin froh, dass Du so gelassen und verstaendlich sprichst. Das ist so angenehm, im Vergleich zu den all den hektischen YouTubern. ;-)
You explaining method is awesome
I was living on a street named Konrad Adenauer alle in Hessen
I wish i was on the autobahn with an koenigsegg
Hello Dave, I really like your channel and all explained signs. It is really helpful... Here is one question i have for you...I am not a German but I want to take the German Driving license, what do I have to do to have it? Is it possible for a foreigner? If you please can excplain it to me here is my e-mail thank you! Danke!
Does the Helmut Dude need a speech coach?

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