Jerick McKinnon Authentic Jersey  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Economic Genius

By the 18th century, the term "statistics" designated the systematic collection of demographic and economic data by states.
The term "mathematical statistics" designates the mathematical theories of probability and statistical inference, which are used in statistical practice.
Blaise Pascal, an early pioneer on the mathematics of probability.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Economic Genius

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Karl Pearson was a founder of mathematical statistics.


About: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Economic Genius

Holy shit nice job using a satirical “fake” interview. You are beyond stupid and something you might not consider is the people 95 million people who aren’t apart of the labor force I doubt they make 20k and unemployed being an additional 13 million it’s astounding how little effort you did that plus your stat is 168 million citizens make less than 20k as of now plus population of adults is 270 million
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Theres another useless individual - trevor noah
But the whole 200 million argument agrees with your reference. You only highlighted $15k to $19,999. The other three rows, in total $0 through $14,999 made up the rest of the ~200 million. Don't get me wrong, I don't like her. But you were a little off on that point.
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That second point, you read the table incorrectly. There are over 50,000 people making 20,000 dollars and under a year.
I want to make her president to see how fast she’s gonna get us in war with Russia or North Korea.
She is the brussels sprouts of congress...
She is so retarded
Can't believe she got elected

What is statistics?
Statistics is a mathematical body of science that pertains to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data, or as a branch of mathematics.