Jerick McKinnon Authentic Jersey  America's Gun Control Debate, facts, statistics, problem.

By the 18th century, the term "statistics" designated the systematic collection of demographic and economic data by states.
The term "mathematical statistics" designates the mathematical theories of probability and statistical inference, which are used in statistical practice.
Blaise Pascal, an early pioneer on the mathematics of probability.

America's Gun Control Debate, facts, statistics, problem.

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Karl Pearson was a founder of mathematical statistics.


About: America's Gun Control Debate, facts, statistics, problem.

really good job
very informative thank you
I had no idea. I see things in a different light now...
It does seem like this crisis in America is over dramatized and is pushing some agenda. Sounds crazy but all these facts make it really seem likely..
The media has a huge role in causing emotional reaction from the public, and giving pathetic gun-man focus, and making them household names. Several kids that did shootings claim they copied Columbine, and other shooting tragedies, to be like them.
Looks like a gun grabbing agenda and creating more conquer and divide.
great job
thank u for your info
great video
Thank you for your eye opening information.
wow good video
great job I have been so misinformed by everything on TV

What is statistics?
Statistics is a mathematical body of science that pertains to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data, or as a branch of mathematics.