Jerick McKinnon Authentic Jersey  Antifeminism VS FACTS

By the 18th century, the term "statistics" designated the systematic collection of demographic and economic data by states.
The term "mathematical statistics" designates the mathematical theories of probability and statistical inference, which are used in statistical practice.
Blaise Pascal, an early pioneer on the mathematics of probability.

Antifeminism VS FACTS

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Karl Pearson was a founder of mathematical statistics.


About: Antifeminism VS FACTS

Thanks for this video cause right wingers aren't really known for bringing up facts and research
Feminists are modern day witches
I don't see the point of this video. You just target a few YouTubers and their comprehensiveness. I think the real argument from the antifeminist perspective is that there is no rape "culture". I don't know anyone who endorses rape and sexual assault in our country. People get put into jail for rape and sexual assault. It seems as if all feminists do today is point to anything that doesn't benefit them and then shift all moral responsibility onto men. How is that any different from the pragmatic nature of say the concept of Capitalism that the left Wing dislikes so much? Just comparing the mechanisms. Everyone is selfish to a degree, The defining factor of what separates humans from other species is our ability to look at both sides of the coin and take responsibility for our part. You can't force people to make morally good decisions. You can only punish those who make morally bad ones. So stop trying to push for legislation that controls people's ability to choose between right and wrong stemming from what seems to me like a bad case of a moral superiority complex.
so this whole "antifeminism" thing, or whatever you want to call it. it's way more than just the 1 in 5 thing you were talking about. following many of these people myself, i have never even heard this brought up until this video. and many (myself included) "antifeminists" would agree that women being sexually assaulted is a bad thing. the problem with this video, is there is way more to "antifeminism" than that. research it a bit if you want to learn more, but modern feminism is doing very little good for society, and a whole lot of bad.
what I still don't understand is: do all those problems the skeptics cite actually exist with those studies? I mean it's nice to get confirmation that Sargon is a dildohead, but I actually hoped to get a little bit more than that
Well the point is that 1 in 5 males have had this to. Groping is and sexual assault, and that has happened to me more times then I can count. My ex gf used to touch me when I was asleep and so on. All my male friends have had there dick groped in clubs and social events. Why people hate on feminist is that they scream the loudest about it, like the boy that cried wolf. You stop caring about it
9.6k Conservatives saw this.
Too bad, you dont speak German. We have a big community of women haters, uhh..I mean: antifeminists 😂, who could need your answers, cause they use the same, stupid strategy of arguing, like the antifeminist idiots in your video
Even though this wasn’t the video that ended my quite frankly irrational beliefs it certainly was the one that had me questioning them
Just remember: Sargon also said that everyone's opinions eventually contradict each other, and that that applies to him. If you take him seriously after that, then you are taking someone who ADMITS to having contradictory views serious.
Good video , but still
Fuck feminism
Coming back to this... One realizes that they didn't try to debunk the study to make women feel safer, they did it because it represented an ongoing change in society that forced these reactionaries to be more mindful and mature.
I use to have this skewed concept of sleep overs with other men. I have a friend who use to spend time with me doing stupid memes and shit on my computer, listening to music and watching youtube videos. It usually got very late and I often asked if he wanted to stay at my place and sleep over. He was cool with this and it was fine just like that.
But at a point I came out as a male to female transsexual as well as being bisexual. Eventually I started to look far more like a woman and when ever we went to sleep he started to cuddle and I have nothing against that. But that was not all he did. He also began to touch me between my legs, on my breast and stuff and literally sexually assault me.
I just wanted to sleep, but he constantly tried to have sex with me even when I said no. Eventually I started to give in since I hade this idea that maybe I could sleep when it was all over. But these things could go on for more than an hour. I tried to enjoy it for what it was, but it was never something I really wanted.
Now I do not spend time with him. But the first time I hade a sleep over with another guy I felt instinctively that this was the way I should handle if the guy want's to have sex. So I behaved the same way when he tried to at first. But that was far from the case with this person. So now I tell him "no" when I do not want it because I know he wouldn't try anyway.

This is still rape, but it's the kind that most people do not hear about. Imagine how often this happens in relationships.
Shit, you sure showed Sargon with that king's head thing. Truly a work of debunking
Did I miss something, or is Sargon actually correct? All you really said was that he is a hypocrite for liking one study and disliking another study. You even said "those are the facts!". It all really boils down to which study you choose to believe. Do you choose to believe the first study that says "1 in 5" or the one that says "6 in 1000"?

Btw, the fact that you chose to focus so much attention on him prefering one survey over the other was kind of hilarious, considering you even agreed with him that its legit. The part with his logo being misrepresentative was also just another cheap criticism of him really. Half the video is just gibberish about something completely off the point (judging by the title).¨

Given that the study seems to be correct, I'm still not going to believe 1 in 4 or 5 women are sexually assaulted or raped at college campuses in the US.

It seems "skepticism" is the way to go on this one.
Could you please give the names of the music you use in your videos? Youve got awesome tracks in them
Meanwhile Sargon's last three uploads as of now are about an hour, about an hour and a half hour long. If anyone has trouble being succinct, he does.
God why are like half the comments roughly saying that anyone that isn't progressive is "alt right"? Like yeah, some of these ppl are more on the conservative side, but a lot of them just focus on the left bcuz they're technically part of the left and are doing damage control.
I'm not even talking about Sargon, just youtube "skeptics"/"centrists" in general. Some of the more liberal ones end up getting lumped up with the "alt right" skeptics. "Skeptics" and "centrists" etc. are not a monolith, and I think most ppls definition of "skeptic", "centrist", and "alt right" are skewed via misconceptions. There's more nuance to it and it worries me how often ppl are just written off as "alt right" (or alternatively "SJWs", a term that has lost its meaning) just because they don't have your *opinion*.

Facts are a completely different thing, and everyone gets stuff wrong sometimes, but I feel like some of you aren't looking into it enough and just going with "he's critical of a progressive movement? he must want cultural genocide smh". :^/
Good video overall, not that I was particularly talking about it ahah.
damn i miss garret
If you find yourself arguing that something technically isn’t sexual assault, you’re a scoundrel.

What is statistics?
Statistics is a mathematical body of science that pertains to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data, or as a branch of mathematics.