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By the 18th century, the term "statistics" designated the systematic collection of demographic and economic data by states.
The term "mathematical statistics" designates the mathematical theories of probability and statistical inference, which are used in statistical practice.
Blaise Pascal, an early pioneer on the mathematics of probability.

Antifeminism VS FACTS

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Karl Pearson was a founder of mathematical statistics.


About: Antifeminism VS FACTS

I’m glad we agree that this guy is an idiot
You cannot claim rape if after silently revoking consent, you continue to go through with the act. That is being complicit. When people say they were raped after such an event, yes, that is fucked up.

However, if, mid-sex, you suddenly decide you aren't into it any more and, say, push your partner off of you, and they continue to try to fuck you because "we were already fucking", yeah, I can see how that's rape.
It's cute that hbomberguy exactly mirrors the current hip beliefs of whatever is popular among progressives. I wanted to give you a fair shake, but after several videos, it's clear you're just another political hack. It should bother you that you land solidly on one side with every issue.
This video is dishonest.
Why does he call us big fucking babies if his audience doesnt have the mental capacity to hear specific stuff without having an autism attack
hell yeah when blank banshee started playing i went off
Clearly, feminists don't get facts.
Its gotta be said, you might want to address the differing rates reported between the different surveys instead of resorting to ad hominium so frequently. We've gotta be bulletproof in rhetoric and evidence.
Stop... and actually you did stop, so this critique is in retrospect, but like, i'm being soooo... TMNT3 totes wasn't that bad... i liek time travel yo.
vs facts... give example of the facts you're going to discredit! WTF dude GAAAAH I like your later stuff, but this shit is so biased my 10 years ago sargon watchin ass goes "Whaaaaaaaaaa?" jebus fuck bruh lean left much?
Hook me on questioning people i kinda liked once, then say i'm like you, but all the biases that you genuinely hold... that intros bad, like reeeeeeeal bad. + more ellipses
This entire comments section is just one huge echo chamber
god can you imagine being onthe side of fuck these people who try to study sexual assault! they just have an agenda! how can you be okay with being the guy who hates feminism so much that you automatically decide anyone trying to even just study the rates of assault, are just by default your enemies. it's so gross. what is his goal. to legalize rape? does he want to be the one in charge of what woman get to feel violated by? remember when for 's minute people thought these gross, fat ugly guys were the logical ones?
The feminist movement is an agenda to get men and women divided. To get women in work force and have the child raised by the institution. Thus having divorce rates skyrocket every year. Rockefeller famously said that the point of the feminist movement is tax women. It was never about being anti women. It's all an agenda to get men and women divided.
No listen the problem about the campus rape statistics weren't really that people were denying it, people were using it more as a universal problem instead of a college campus problem. So all in all, we all look like fucking morons
What I do not understand is why so many seem to consider these figures the lynchpin of a discussion. Methodological flaws or not, biases in phraseology or respondent weighting or not, etc.: the numbers were far too high. Now, I've heard anecdotal evidence of toxic man-hating culture on campuses. And that's just as wrong, regardless of the figures of these studies. It's not like tearing down these studies is required to make the shooter of Andy Warhol wrong and insane. It's not like the studies need to be accurate for there to clearly be a horrific problem.

So yes, great, let's keep doing research. And let's stand up against sexual violence, and all violence, and hate speech, no matter where it comes from. People who say the male sex should be exterminated, or all men are sexual predators, are no more right if "1 in 5" is perfectly accurate. And if it's not, rape is no less horrific, and laws and stigmas need changing no less urgently.

The issue, I think, comes largely when people try to put "all who don't agree with me" under one big banner, and simplify and assume and label them as evil. So try always to keep an open mind. To be tolerant. To not make negative assumptions of people with little or no evidence.

I'm sure if anyone reads this, I'll have many fuming because they see me as prevaricating. As fence-sitting. When, really, there's a whole host of green grass to sit on on either side of the fence - before you get to the giant, obnoxious ditches filled with sewage at either extreme.
Anyone else notice the blank banshee playing
Hot girl looks at Carl for .3 seconds

Carl: Just another whore that wants my dick 😏
A lot of beta males on this video. All with the same leftist insanity.
when you realize that he used teen pregnancy (a song) in this-

What is statistics?
Statistics is a mathematical body of science that pertains to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data, or as a branch of mathematics.