Jerick McKinnon Authentic Jersey  Ben Shapiro fires back at late-night hosts on gun control

By the 18th century, the term "statistics" designated the systematic collection of demographic and economic data by states.
The term "mathematical statistics" designates the mathematical theories of probability and statistical inference, which are used in statistical practice.
Blaise Pascal, an early pioneer on the mathematics of probability.

Ben Shapiro fires back at late-night hosts on gun control

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Karl Pearson was a founder of mathematical statistics.


About: Ben Shapiro fires back at late-night hosts on gun control

The fact of the matter is, no one can argue, the countries with the strictest gun controls are safer than America, and one of the safest in the world.
Ben's cool, calm, collected, logical, reasonable...if the anti's could only do that...
Ben is wrong: automatic guns in the US haven’t been illegal since 1986 they have just been highly regulated. Also there is nothing mechanical about a bump stock I can make one out of spare parts in my garage. It’s a piece of plastic.
You don’t need a special bump fire stick to get a semi- auto loader to repeat fire, you just hold you finger still and the recoil does the same thing. Does not mean I fire that way, I think it’s stupid. But remember one thing: they’ve misnomered all of these semiautomatic rifles as assault weapons or assault rifles, when they are neither. Only fully auto weapons can be called an assault rifle. And AR stAnds for Armalite Rifle, not “assault rifle”.
I carried bump stick does not make a wooden fire faster. What are you talking about. You have to change trigger mechanism and trigger spring. a adjustable stock just make it more comfortable when holding it in your shoulder
You will never EVER convince Americans that only the police and criminals can carry guns.
If you think a host of a show that is shown after most people are sleeping getting to go to work, just shows that you are some kind of government assistance that has turned your brain into Jello and the top of your skull should be opened and eaten with Whipped Cream.
Ben Shapiro just knows facts and logic he didn't understand the complexity of society. If you restrict guns, it won't only make there be less guns it will change the societal perception on guns.
They took 1/3 of guns in Australia and made it super hard to get a gun, I don't know anyone who has a gun except for farmers who have hunting rifles.
jimmy kimmelisabootlicker
Hollyweird is dead as the rag's of journalism CNN , the low Ratings liars. 🎺 Trump 2020 by a massive majority landslide. 💘 the corrupt democratic lying criminal failed policy party is dead. Haha 😂 lmao ahaa. God bless our constitutional republic America our sovereign Christian country with lawful border's and our 2nd amendment. 🎺 Trump 2020.💘
The Nazis had gun control!
These late night goofballs dont know anything, they are not the kind of people that make a positive difference
The Evil in the hearts of man,start in the minds of the young. So if the FDA has approved it for child behavior, the man he will become will miss the mark,his foundation has been compromised in more ways than one and failure is more likely to be part of his structural integrity.
there our evil people out there.
lady that's what guns are for to defend ourselves not become gun singers hello
The infamous "bump stock" is a joke, and does Not make a rifle "full auto".
The bump stock was NOT used in the Vegas massacre. At least three fully automatic rifled fired at the same time. It was a pro hit orchastrated by pro killers. Not one old man with no motive or training . We are so lied to.
Bump stops do NOT make a semi-auto into a an automatic. They allow you to shoot faster but not auto fast. Besides have fun with the muzzle lift doing that.
Im sick of hearing about bump stocks, a simple file can turn an semiautomatic into a FULLY automatic weapon in about 5 minutes. Ive done it my self a few times. A man that knows how to use a gun could have killed the same amount of people, with a single shot as a semiautomatic. Before any one knew where the shot's came from and did something about it, he could have killed several people. Its not the guns or the gear you can put on a gun, its the MAN using it, something is wrong with him.

What is statistics?
Statistics is a mathematical body of science that pertains to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data, or as a branch of mathematics.