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By the 18th century, the term "statistics" designated the systematic collection of demographic and economic data by states.
The term "mathematical statistics" designates the mathematical theories of probability and statistical inference, which are used in statistical practice.
Blaise Pascal, an early pioneer on the mathematics of probability.

Cowspiracy is Bull

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Karl Pearson was a founder of mathematical statistics.


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All the water used to grow the grain😂😂😂 how about all the water used to grow vegetables 😂😂 it’s more than grain
Eat shit you meat eater.
I’m here in 2020 and it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come
At the end of the day, the biggest problem is deforestation. Less trees, less oxygen.

And this is not caused JUST by factory farming, but by everything.

If we really wanna attack the origin of everything, then the cutting of trees is what we should be focusing on.

Either way, every little bit of change counts.

So even if everything in Cowspiracy is 100% true, that doesn’t mean we should stop saving water and reserving our carbon emissions, which is my problem with a lot of people, that Cowspiracy just became their excuse to not save water nor reserve their carbon emissions.

After all that, still enjoyed your video, it gave me another point of view, and that’s always good.

Still won’t be going vegan anytime soon, sadly too poor to try and achieve it yet. Nor do I believe I’d be able to maintain a healthy diet since I need to gain weight......and I love meat too much, but that’s besides the point.
Interesting how you always skip the fact that soybeans are pretty much all used for their oil and the protein is THEN fed to livestock
Three years on and the statistics are starting to cement themselves into everyone’s general knowledge.
Then they find other excuses to continue to eat meat.
Thank you so much!!! Your videos are extremely helpful, they really create an impact and I hope more people will watch them
Todos ser humano que estudou o mínimo de história,me diga quando foi na face da terra que não teve mudança climática? Era Glacial, descongelamento, separação dos continentes, secas... Nada mais que uma propaganda para vender produtos veganos. Tudo que falar nesse vídeo é 110% de mentira e 85% de baboseira. Como eles pedem para parar de consumir carne para não plantar soja, mas ao mesmo tempo incentivam o consumo humano de soja, um mói de soja moída que chamam de bife de soja, um extrato vegetal de soja que chamam de leite. Uma vaca não come 60 kg de grãos por dia, ele se comer mais que 15 da acidose e ela morre pelo excesso de ácido produzido no rúmen. Vacas comem capim, que precisa do CO2 produzido pela poluição pra poder crescer. A pecuária cresceu ao mesmo tempo que a área necessária diminuiu. A produtor Brasileiro preserva maior parte das reservas do país, é lei. A Amazônia nunca foi 91% destruí do pela pecuária, isso é mentira, basta ler. Todos os dados que mostraram nesse vídeo nenhum tem referência, porque é uma grande mentira. Hoje se usam 1,5 kg de ração pra produzir 3,5 kg de frango. Ele disse que pra produzir 1 hambúrguer usam 4695 l de água, na verdade uma vaca produz 1.670 hambúrguers, e consomem 31.500 litros de água desde o nascimento da vaca até chegar na sua casa, isso da 18,86 litros de água por hambúrguer.
Porque será que esses vídeos sempre são produzidos pelo EUA?
Porque será que sempre é falando do Brasil?
Porque não falam da UE que já destruiu quase todas as reservas florestais?
Sabe porquê?
Porque o Brasil é uma grande candidato a potência mundial na produção de alimentos para o mundo, e eles tem perder a vaga que já está próximo, então eles vão fazer os Brasileiros engolir esse tal de vaganismos de guela abaixo. Porque o Brasileiro é fanático pelos Norteamericanos.
Vá mas praias num FDS e veja todo o lixo ali gerado e diga se é o agronegócio que está acabando com a natureza.
Humans are just stubborn sometimes and don’t want to change “the way of life”.
Just wondering how you measure water usage for growing crops as i am sure they are watered by rainfall. I can except that in some countries they irrigate crops to help them grow. In the UK we have an abundance of rain which the crops drink. I think some of the statistics are a little off. You cant put everyone in the same basket. Dry hot countries are always going to use more domestic water then others with a more humid climate.
I appreciate the information..but I really love the simple wall hanging..looking forward to next fall and making my own.thanks..Happy New Year
Watched this after Joe salatin. I must say salatin was the reason I'm trying vegan.
Mic can you look into this and give your thoughts?
Just eat grass fed meat and pasture raised eggs with some veggies for optimum health...easy peasy.
What can I eat then? Serious question.
Well done again mic xden
great video!
All ancient and indigenous cultures lived on what food was available to them . Sad reality about humans is we evolved into who we are today because we ate meat. Our technological progress goes right back to basic stone tool making . Basic tool making came from a need. That need was to hunt and eat animals. A flake of stone is more effective at cutting meat than wood or bares hands but had little use otherwise in those days. That inventiveness that lead to stone implements also lead to making animal and fish traps. That same ability to problem solve has evolved away from need to want nowadays but is exists in every human being
All these comments are stupid. Let's say the entire wold goes vegan right now, how much land and resources would it take to feed the entire world. And what about when the population increases in the future, I highly doubt we will be able to feed 10 billion or more people using the same amount of land and resources as we do currently without any environmental impact. The real problem isn't human activity, it's the scale of human activity. Also what do people propose we do with all the animals which were used to farm for food. They will still require land and resources to survive.
Cowspiracy + The Game Changers = 100% conversion to Veganism

What is statistics?
Statistics is a mathematical body of science that pertains to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data, or as a branch of mathematics.