Jerick McKinnon Authentic Jersey  ESA and climate change

By the 18th century, the term "statistics" designated the systematic collection of demographic and economic data by states.
The term "mathematical statistics" designates the mathematical theories of probability and statistical inference, which are used in statistical practice.
Blaise Pascal, an early pioneer on the mathematics of probability.

ESA and climate change

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Karl Pearson was a founder of mathematical statistics.


About: ESA and climate change

One knick-knack is missing here: there is no a serious evidence that antropogenic carbon dioxide is cause of this. In fact, there are many evidences against it.
A powerful & global unity is needed for solutions. "The unity which is productive of unlimited results is first a unity of mankind which recognizes that all are sheltered beneath the overshadowing glory of the All-Glorious; that all are servants of one God; for all breathe the same atmosphere, live upon the same earth, move beneath the same heavens,.." The Promulgation of Universal Peace, Baha'i Faith
Climate Change is REAL, but its NOT manmade. Its natural. Has always been, and always will be. Called natural climate cycles you sheeptards! Ignorant gullible snowflake millennials! And yes, we must stop using fossil fuels and stop polluting the Earth. But climate change is a natural phenomena. We cant control it. But we definitely need to prepare for what it brings, its consequences. Like, global food crop losses, for one...dont reply unless you have something extremely intelligent to say.
The problem is that many does not take me serious. Esa and others spend a lot and do not know this: (i explained climate change back in 2014 in Holland) it's the uv that is being less ansorbed than in the past. You could meausure this whit sensors over the world. Herschell fond and measured the UV back in 1800 accidentally. Wwith a prisma and thermometre

See also the affect on the Flora on my video: the leaves of the trees are stil green in NOVEMBER
I see no solutions so this is a waste of time. The "strategies and policies" appear to steal people's money while providing absolutely no results.
Everyone wants to heal the world

And they don't do anything.
Don't even say "we can't do anything"
Why is it that i saw a documentary a long time ago where scientists stated that useing the super heated air from nuclear bombs into the atmosphere of a planet to warm and change the the climate to potentially make it inhabitable for life to develop and then i hear that it has been made illegal for governments to test nuclear weapons so they started doing it under the oceans and launching them into the atmosphere to avoid it being noticed and ive never heard anyone make the connection between that and climate change....
According to the Vostok Ice Core Records, CO2 level changes have followed Earth's overall temperature changes at an 800 year lag for the last 800,000 years. That means that our current CO2 levels are the result of Earth's overall temperature 800 years ago. World leaders have convinced their dependents that this works in reverse, and that we are to blame, so that they can tax us out of a false shared guilt in order to be able to afford to fight climate change. Here is a link to the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center website:
I agree the climate is changing what if it's supposed to be getting warmer it may inconvenience us a lot but what if it's what the planet needs what is the planet itself has a virus it's running a fever
SF6 synthetic gas, the energy industry's answer to so called Climate Change. 23 000 times more "warming" than CO2 and does not degrade naturally in our atmosphere.
ITS called Chicken Little syndrome if they scare you enough you'll do anything they say!!! listen to what they say during the new green deal it involves taking everything you own.!!! controlling every penny you make and telling you what to do!!!
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.
‘drawdown solutions’
The E from ESA was already enough for my thumb to hit the dislike button. My thumb eas right. 😺
Question what is the temperature the planet is supposed to be?
Keep in mind that not all "climate change" is related to Co2, in fact very little has to do with Co2, at least at this point in time. The climate has always been dynamic, so the trick is to rationally determine the changes and understand them in the context of a baseline. It's important to understand that you can take just about any dataset and depending on how you parse it out, you can come out with an analysis that supports or refutes the same hypothesis. I'll give a couple good examples below.

Also, the success of an individual story or the organization that delivers it, is determined by the number of views it receives and that is greatly determined by how intense the story appears to be (clickbait being on the upper end of this spectrum).

Yes, it's widely believed that Co2 is responsible for a paltry 1.4°F rise over the last 140yrs, a slight increase in the rate of sea level, and a change in ocean pH. but as of right now, these changes have resulted in very little, if any increase in dangerous conditions. So, it may be rational to be concerned about the future, but know that you are being force fed worst case speculation about the future and more recently, extream exaggerations of the present.

EX 1, FIRES: The western US has been experiencing fires, but fires have always happened there. The truth is that responsible logging is the only practice that has greatly reduced fires. Many of the areas that have recently burned were overgrown, due to "green management" practices, which disallow responsible logging.

EX 2, SEA LEVEL RISE: Since the last ice age, sea level has been rising at a steady rate of 1.7mm/yr. Actual sea level rise is still at 1.7mm/yr, but we're told that the rate has changed to 3.4mm/yr since 2008. The truth is, the new upswing is because the studies are suddenly taking in to account, a sinking sea bed. But, actual water to land reference rate of change have not changed in hundreds of years. So, the meaningful sea level rise rate of change has remained constant.

EX 3, STORMS: The number of storms, their intensity, loss of life, loss of property, etc has not increased, relative to our Co2 output. This is true for hurricanes, tornadoes, and tropical storms. Someone may try to play the numbers game and comapare storm costs between 1830's or 1960's and today, but once you adjust for inflation and population density, that increase becomes a flat line and more often a decrease.

Know that the field of data analytics represents a powerful set of tools that gauge, in real-time what pulls people's attention. Advertisers spend billions of dollars/yr to capture your attention and NOTHING has been more powerful at focusing people's attention these days than extream climate stories and predictions. Your attention is being harvested and sold like wheat or corn and in just one 4yr period, this translates into TRILLIONS of dollars, euros, etc. Your emotions and in turn your attention are the most valuable commodities you possess, at least according to big business.
It’s clear Earth’s Warming, people just don’t chose to believe in it, here the U.S. we a president who actually thinks it’s a hoax witch is stupid, according to NOAA earth’s Hottest Years are
2016, 2019, 2015, 2017, 2018. Even though statistical ranking date back to 1880 rock and ice studies found that Earth is in its hottest period in 3 million years! Time we act now.
And for the none climate change believers out there!
Putting aside what anyone claims, 3 trillion trees have been cut down to farm animal products and their feedstuff. Cambridge University just released figures to show 1 trillion trees will convert CO2 to oxygen and save humans (the planet will save itself as it did many times in the same circumstances in history.
I contend that the 3 trillion trees will safeguard all humankind and provide jobs for the third world.
schools should teach us how can we face the climate change
All the facts are useless without action and action is little to non, because rather than impose the improvements on the fossil fuel companies they drop it into the lap of the average Joe who has had his whole life shaped by the dependents these corporations have set forth. Things wont change because there is no economic incentive for the wealthy to act now so in their eyes: why waste our money now to make some more far into the future. The current economic climate is built on greed and demands immediate results thats why nothing is being done untill it collapses.
What about this new study from University of Turku in Finland suggests that even though observed changes in the climate are real, the effects of human activity on these changes are insignificant. The team suggests that the idea of man made climate change is a mere miscalculation or skewing the formulas by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). “The IPCC climate sensitivity is about one order of magnitude (i.e. 10 times) too high, because a strong negative feedback of the clouds is missing in climate models. If we pay attention to the fact that only a small part of the increased CO2 concentration is anthropogenic, we have to recognise that the anthropogenic climate change does not exist in practice, write Kauppinen and Malmi. “The major part of the extra CO2 is emitted from oceans, according to Henry‘s law. The low clouds practically control the global average temperature. During the last hundred years the temperature is increased about 0.1℃ because of CO2. The human contribution was about 0.01℃.” -

What is statistics?
Statistics is a mathematical body of science that pertains to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data, or as a branch of mathematics.