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By the 18th century, the term "statistics" designated the systematic collection of demographic and economic data by states.
The term "mathematical statistics" designates the mathematical theories of probability and statistical inference, which are used in statistical practice.
Blaise Pascal, an early pioneer on the mathematics of probability.

Jordan Peterson - Controversial Facts about IQ

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Karl Pearson was a founder of mathematical statistics.


About: Jordan Peterson - Controversial Facts about IQ

0:32 when I touch something hot 🥵
I might be missing something here, but I'm pretty sure success in college and ABSOLUTELY success in high school would be much more correlated with conscientiousness. In fact, highly intelligent people with low conscientiousness (or maybe agreeableness as well) would almost certainly be guaranteed to do poorly in modern school. I partially speak from personal experience. I am a pretty intelligent, but not generally highly conscientious individual (though I am highly agreeable), and I have struggled immensely with school. I was a straight C student through middle and high school, and have done even worse in college, and yet much of that is because I get distracted and start studying the things I shouldn't be studying! I score pretty highly on tests and generally make friends with professors, but then fail to come through on showing up to class and getting assignments in. I know many very intelligent people in society have similar stories. I am in no way advocating that intelligent people should be allowed to or should be associated with low conscientiousness, only that many "successful" students today are just very conscientious individuals. Of course having both conscientiousness and intelligence is a better combination, but not a necessary one in today's academic climate
Yup, I would have gone to university but my liberal highschool teacher kicked me out out of her class and failed me because I pronounced "Italy" wrong... Not to mention I was working nightshift and going to school in the morning so I would not be able to afford University... So no Mr. Peterson, I know you are right on everything but not when you say "every smart person goes to university".
IQ is overrated. I mean who cares. I got a number that would make most people suicidal, but I can still probably become teh next rich guy.
I am a scientist who is well-aware of the principles of statistics and mathematics behind it. I am appalled by the fact that some people are giving thumbs down to this video. You gotta be a J. Peterson hater or simple dumbass to do that.
"G" for general intelligence as a proxy for success in life. What in effect you have done is put the temporal lobes, the parietal lobes, the frontal lobe, and the occipital lobe in that particular order of importance to what you benchmark and deem "intelligence". Whats more is confusing practical intelligence in modern society, except spatial which was also useful in the stone age as general intelligence is basically fucking stupid. Do you honestly think chinese are smarter than germans because what IQ tells you? Funny how the center associated with general intelligence the PFC is THIRD on the list of functional processing importance in your IQ measure for why a lowly 100 IQ gene pool invented the known world. It suggests even intellectuals dont know what IQ represents. They seriously think ashkenazi jews are anything but peacocking through selective pressure for the most visible intelligence types. I suppose the jordan peterson lines of mankind werent sufficient in number to have the luxury of an evolutionary arms race within themselves, instead having to resort to more border collie engineering methods, where I am a wolf. Again IQ doesnt correlate with the frontal lobe so the race with more of it, look pretty dumb dont we until you look at what we've built. Who do you think gets replaced last in this onward march of neural net based artificial intelligence? The most creative race on planet earth?
Every statement a person is subjected to is filtered trough personal feelings and personal interests. If the statement does not pass both filters the individual is lightly to reject it, regardless of the facts presented.
I just call all of these, Talents. More talented people have more chances of success in the fields they're talented in. High learning ability, Good hearing, Good smell, Good taste, Good kinestetics, Good character, High stubborness in work, Good concentration, Strong body etc. etc. etc.

More Talented people, will have more success in life. Intelligence is one of the ways of measuring Talent.
Neuropsychological testing are also in a sense self-reported as intelligence is not observed directly. You cannot fake a good result, but faking a bad result is easy, and could have its uses in court.
Fact some are born to rise some are born to fail 🤷‍♂️welcome to the world 🌎
This guy sounds so much like saul goodman aka james mcgill
The titles that this channel uses are clickbait garbage.
Maybe there are good IQ tests but the ones I did were focused on a certain kind of logic and the ability to see specific patterns. Even though I scored high, it still doesn't mean shit for my ability to succeed in life. Some things are easy and some aren't, like for everyone.
If you see this, Jordan Peterson, might you consider making a video about underachievers? I have met quite a few women who due to neuroticism, anxiety or just a low self-esteem held jobs that are very low status in society although it was clear that they were capable of so much more, but they didn't have the courage or felt unsafe somehow. Perfectionism is linked with narcissism but these people were clearly not narcissists, yet their perfectionism was really burdensome. I know this is off topic. I know you have spoken about male underachievement in the past, so..
Yes some are gifted learners it just comes natural. I think the only problem with the IQ is it is not neccesarily an aptitude test. I also say aptitude tests really dont mean anything.
If someone is inrerested in something they will learn at know end to be great at it. Some people are interested in different things then others. I would blow JP's mind in many skilled trades. And I could say JP lacks common sense because he doesn't know what I know in skilled trades. But the truth is, he wasn't necessarily interested in skilled trades. As I get older I am very interested in psychology. And JP is an amazing person to learn it from. I can also say in 2.5 years watching JP videos I have learned more about my self and others then I have the rest of my 48 years of life.
This really sounds like nothing but a bunch of hot air
5:01 hes wrong psychology peeps have lower IQs
I love lobster
Would you call this kind of lecture concise and helpful? This has to be the most manic behavior Jordan Peterson has ever exhibited while being filmed. Do you think he's reviewed this lecture to evaluate himself? Objectively, he seems on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
Thrroooooooooow up

What is statistics?
Statistics is a mathematical body of science that pertains to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data, or as a branch of mathematics.