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By the 18th century, the term "statistics" designated the systematic collection of demographic and economic data by states.
The term "mathematical statistics" designates the mathematical theories of probability and statistical inference, which are used in statistical practice.
Blaise Pascal, an early pioneer on the mathematics of probability.

Jordan Peterson - Controversial Facts about IQ

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Karl Pearson was a founder of mathematical statistics.


About: Jordan Peterson - Controversial Facts about IQ

I tests are written by left brained people to judge left-brained ability and, guess what? The think they are superior to others! Ie, someone who is supirior in right brained areas is INFERIOR to them... (bet Picasso and Van Gogh would disasgree...)
IQ doesn’t measure intelligence. It’s foolish to think it does.
You can have book smarts, but, if you're dumb as a door knob when it comes to street smarts, your in BIG BIG trouble. Example.... my oldest brother in law has a PhD in a form of art that was popular in the late 1800's to, I guess the early 1900's. All I know is it's French & named after its creator. He first applied for a job in this field of study in 1976 in Pittsburgh traveling from the University of Michigan. The places he applied... you're over qualified. Why he didn't move on until he found a place that would hire him? Dunno. Maybe he made contacts other ways & was told the same thing. This way the late '70's & president Carter's era of malaise. Some fun that time was. Not! 30 yrs. later, retired as a Security guard in a supervisory role. Many many yrs. ago he almost killed himself as he was working on the roof of his house from the late 1800's wearing street shoes vs work boots. Guess he figured shoes is shoes. As he slide ass first to his assured death the heels of his shoes locked into the rain gutters. Things were built to last back then. Now, everything's disposable. No more pride in hard core quality. It's all a joke. Plastic, Plastic, Plastic! He got his boots & finished the roof. So, if you're comparing straight book smarts to straight street smarts..... the former wins EVERYTIME. NO EXCEPTIONS.
When your friend tells you a funny joke in class but you can't just start laughing out loud in the middle of the lesson. 0:31
Create a test that goes beyond the Raven's Progressive Matrices that measures the intelligence of the other 4 senses smell, touch, taste, sound, go farther than the visual!
I make this remark without malice! What an ASS he is!
The unfortunate truth is that most black people have low IQs.
he thinks emotional intelligence does not exsist ? really ? why ?
What is Rotogenflux Methods? I've heard numerous awesome things about this intelligence boost system.
Why everyone thinks IQ is fixed at birth? Stupid people were spoiled as kids and had easy life. Of course you can become smart if you (need) want to. Brain is like a muscle, everyone can go to the gym and get stronger. School/college is cool, but what really "builds" the brain is tough life. When everything goes wrong that's when you need IQ the most.
If only I paid a little more attention in statistics class I'd understand what the hell he's talking about

Hmmm, what did she say?
I listen back to it twice
Atill, what is she saying?

I know! The captions will say!
She said "*idea from a student*"

0:00-12:20: Jordan pours academic gasoline all over Gardiner's multiple intelligence theory
12:20-13:10: Jordan lights said multiple intelligence theory on fire.
To what degree is our success dependant upon convincing
Of our intelligence.
What energy and time is wasted in that persuit.
Tesla the scientists not the automobile,
Could've had all our car wireless if
He wasn't so busy convincing others
Of his intelligence instead of using it.
Perhaps the beauty of Jesus was so manifest,
Because he had no need to convince anyone
His worth,
He simply gave everything and hoped
To fill our hearts with a portion of the love that lead him.
Half your student where listening
Problem you gave was
The G. P. A.
but most where half asleep as you
Words mostly designed to convince
Them of your grasp of intelligence.
Some of them will discover ketosis
And put their aderal to good use
I'm not trying to say you're stupid, but you're being stupid.
The hypothetical question: "Would you choose to have a child w/65 IQ or 145 IQ?", would never have been put to students in 1929 or even 1960. So why now? Liberalism/leftism/democracy have tended to produce infantile and self-destructive human beings and government policy. Democracy is killing every western nation and the process goes virtually unnoticed.
China will be one of the few nations left standing specifically because it is not democratic.
"what the hell good is your ruler if it stretches when you use it?"
My thoughts exactly when I was learning special relativity
IQ matters. There are parameters and domains outside of conventional pursuits in the higher numbers that are only possible if you have an abnormally to ridiculously high IQ. As a personal example, at one point in my life I was interested in creating a Tulpa, and even if I weren't personally betrayed and sabotaged to hell I most likely wouldn't have been able to create a Tulpa anyways because my IQ isn't high enough. There are (or at least used to be back in 2014) forums where people with actual Tulpas had an online community. All of their avatars were self drawn and unquestioningly level 6 or at least 5 in terms of skill (context: levels of art link) because what comes with having a Tulpa is near direct access to your subconscious through a vessel (your Tulpa) that pours all this information into you in a way you can understand. The perks of this are several but chief among them, at least concerning my interests is astounding artistic ability. But on that forum (or one like it back in the day I read a conversation between two people about whether or not there was a minimum IQ for being able to create a Tulpa. Other Tulpamancers joined in and at the end of the thread the general consensus was that if you had an IQ under 135 your brain just wouldn't be capable of doing all that was nessicary to create a Tulpa. My IQ is 128, that's within the range of the maximum capacity for achievement in typical domains (commonly talked about careers and ways in which people live their lives) but there are heights of achievement even greater than the common routes most people take, as their capabilities leave lower routes through life as the only ones they have access to. A real life example of such a person, though he and his social group would never admit this publicly for two reasons.
One is that people get offended when you can do something they can't and it's so much easier to call them crazy and have them locked up than it is to admit they have an ability you don't have that enriches their soul and their life at the deepest and most profound of levels and there's nothing you can do to get it.
Reason 2 is that, built on top of reason 1, unspoken rules within the group of hyper capable people make it so that speaking of these abilities and their personal experiences with them outside of their social context would only bring trouble to whatever group of hyper capable people were formed. So as a means to reduce the risk of that happening ostracizing a member who would go out publicly sharing like this would be implemented anywhere.
Anyways, here's one of the guys I was taking about, his IQ is over 135 for sure.
i like the conclusion...yes it seems like common sense, and whenever someone jumps out and spouts out something else like multiple intelligence, its just a way to make people feel good.
"Smart people go to University" Tell Micheal Ferguson and SMPY.

"Smart people get married" ... Sadly, they do. Aw chucks.

Besides all kinds of stupid people have a high IQ, the successful learned men/ the openly smart look how hideous they are and fucked up in many respects. Just world hypothesis fulfilled. Look at weak central coherency or low stability/low plasticity.

I've met some good people but they usually aren't known to have very high IQs but Ted Chiang says they are around.

The Unique Beings from Timothy Leary's mention.

A child with an SB5 EXIQ of 190. That's my vote. A superman.

What is statistics?
Statistics is a mathematical body of science that pertains to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data, or as a branch of mathematics.