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By the 18th century, the term "statistics" designated the systematic collection of demographic and economic data by states.
The term "mathematical statistics" designates the mathematical theories of probability and statistical inference, which are used in statistical practice.
Blaise Pascal, an early pioneer on the mathematics of probability.

The Top Five Feminist Myths of All Time | FACTUAL FEMINIST

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Karl Pearson was a founder of mathematical statistics.


About: The Top Five Feminist Myths of All Time | FACTUAL FEMINIST

The truth is never on an extremist side ... ideology is safe haven for insecure people .
It's like talking to a stone telling a strident feminist these myths.
Let me sum up this agenda from the media. It’s Bullshit.
The problem in colleges is that they don't teach the definition of two simple words... Objective and subjective. Unfortunately most college students don't know the definition of the two words. What a shame that is!
Thanks so much for exposing these biases and exaggerations in research, and so attempting to keep the feminist movement respectable and sane and academically sound. Hypism and alarmism is not the best way to convince people of any cause! As you mentioned in the section on campus rape, and as I learnt as a member of my debate team in high school under Topicality, DEFINITIONS are important for any field...before you seek to measure the prevalence of something, you need to know WHAT IT IS EXACTLY. So I'm glad you brought that up.

As far as women owning more land worldwide than we thought...I'm not surprised. In some societies (e.g., Sri Lanka where I lived for 10 years) that are called MATRILINEAL in anthropology, women actually traditionally owned the land, and it was passed from mother to daughter; the husband goes to live at the wife's house (BINNA) marriage, rather than the reverse, and the mother's brother and other relatives play a more important role in bringing up children, as compared to the father. You can see this even in Sinhala language, where there are separate names for the relatives on the mother's and father's side, and the mother's side relatives are generally seen as much closer, and in Tamil customs where the mother's brother (MAMA) plays a major role in organizing a girl's coming of age ceremony. But this is MATRILINEAL vs. PATRILINEAL, which are sound, scholarly anthropological concepts...not the same as MATRIARCHY and PATRIARCHY. Africa also has some societies like this.

Moreover, in many societies in countries that are now considered to be in the developing world, women have ALWAYS been economically pointed out in the classic text by Esther Boserup that is used in Women/Gender in development courses. They never got to the state of 1950s-style housewife lifestyle. Southeast Asia is a prime example, even in Muslim countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. For this reason, Southeast Asian women never saw themselves primarily as victims, and never even had the concept of victimhood like Western women do. And South India and Sri Lanka used to be similar to Southeast Asia, until their societies were taken over by European colonists...which is why Kandyan women have more freedom as compared to low-country women in Sri Lanka. Of course, Western people like to feel they are better than other cultures...but, until recently, Americans never had any strong, powerful female role models like Indira Gandhi, the Indian goddess Durga/Kali, or the Mother as worshipped in many African societies. (Europeans did, though...they had queens and Mother Mary, which does a lot to explain the somewhat different development of feminism in Europe.)

For the sake of attracting funds and donors, so many NGOs and espousers of causes seek to exaggerate the portrayal of the people they are helping as VICTIMS. This is the case not only with women, but with the "Third World" in general, children, the elderly, the disabled, etc. This may work in the short term to attract funds. However, in the long run, this is highly DIS-empowering, as it makes the people/actors more dependent on outside help rather than self-motivation and inner power. It results in volunteers and others who come to work in the less developed world having a distorted viewpoint of the peoples and countries they are going to work in. But human beings in all categories worldwide want RESPECT...they want OTHERS TO HELP THEM HELP THEMSELVES...they do not always want to be seen as victims. This is the most important thing I have learnt in the past 20 years of living and working in the less developed world.
Modern American women are the most coddled, infantlized and over protected people the world has ever known.
It's so great to hear one tell at least part of the truth.
I believe this video contains the exact contents of a Time article written by Christina.
Although any exposure of factual fraud in feminism is welcome, still, as a hominist I am puzzled why the issue is never addressed in terms of the "undocumented income" that women earn in remunerative sex exchanges with men. By that standard women far out earn men to the tune of billions of dollars annually.

Included in the category of remunerative sex exchanges would be upscale dating (hyperamory), which is why women almost always date older men (elderamory); sugar babes (hundreds of thousands of FEMALE COLLEGE STUDENTS in Australia alone have advertised as sugar babes, but the practice is universal, whether they're called concubines, mistresses, or long-term escort girls; hypergamy (high-profile women in the news married into the billions of dollars).

Now for some reason none of that is considered "income" by feminists. Yet, as the adage goes, "Pecunia non olet." Money doesn't stink. Regardless where it comes from or by what transaction, it still pays the rent, buys groceries, pays medical bills, but also expensive automobiles, etc.

Even accepting a Gender Wage Gap in the workplace, I'm fond of giving this simple income paradigm.

Let's say Jane really does earn 90 cents on John's dollar. Come Friday, they get paid. John asks Jane for a date. He spends 50 on her. That's a conservative estimate. John's actual income is now 50 and Jane has an income of 140.

Two days later, John's rival, and Jane's boss, asks Jane for a date. To steal her away from John, he spends 80 on her. John meanwhile pays a prostitute for sex, It cost him 40 dollars. John's income is now 10 dollars, while Jane's income is now 220 dollars.

This of course is only a few days. Soon Jane's boss asks Jane to move in with him in his condo overlooking the New York skyline. John, with only 10 dollars to his name, has to move back with his parents. Feeling lonely after losing out with Jane, John takes a second job in order to pay for an engagement ring for his latest flame, a barmaid at the coffee house he patronizes. Jane has already maxed out her boss's credit cards buying clothes for their wedding and honeymoon in Paris.

Yet none of this is calculated as income. But what else is it? It's income? It's an extreme Gender Pay Gap that FAVORS WOMEN. Moreover, this process begins in high school or even earlier, with female classmates always dating their older, more aggressive, and more economically able classmates. These 3 practices are what hominism calls, respectively, elderamory, alphamory, and hyperamory, or dating older, more aggressive, and richer men.

PECUNIA NON OLET should be a byword among hominist men and women. MONEY DOESN'T STINK. Feminists must start including this income in their Gender Pay Gap rants.
Gender is a scam invented in the 60s by bathroom companies to sell more bathrooms
Your husband child , us soceity is lucky you madam, God bless you for exposing truth
politicians and famous people will say anything to get attention good or bad as long they can profit from it
can anybody say who that person was at the un who made that myth up so we can shame him/her publicly
Women spend 77 cents of every dollar a man earns, LOL!
If female oppression still existed in the USA these phony claims would not need to be cited over and over again.
Wow, she actually used 'factoid' correctly. That almost never happens.
Thank you. A truthful cause is one I can get behind.
The main core foundational problem with all of this is simply women's willfulness to lie based on what and how they feel. As we allow this shit to seep deeper and deeper into our governance, we will all pay for it 20 years from now when the world devolves into complete chaos brought on by women.
5 years later and the needle has moved even further its 1 in 3 women in college get sexually assaulted. I've just discovered these videos and it makes 2014 look tame. I say people bitching and moaning about being called a female rather than a women "reduces them down to they're sexual organs and reinforced how marginalized they were. But of course how dare I tell them they are arguing over a very trivial thing I have no voice because of course I was a straight white male and they made sure to tell me in some rather derogatory ways
I've avoided your videos for so long, due to the word "feminist." Loving your content -- thank you!

What is statistics?
Statistics is a mathematical body of science that pertains to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data, or as a branch of mathematics.