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By the 18th century, the term "statistics" designated the systematic collection of demographic and economic data by states.
The term "mathematical statistics" designates the mathematical theories of probability and statistical inference, which are used in statistical practice.
Blaise Pascal, an early pioneer on the mathematics of probability.


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Karl Pearson was a founder of mathematical statistics.



I live near London in an area where there are a lot of homeless people.

Unfortunately, our government is not doing anywhere near enough, and frankly, they are making things worse for other people who are already in a bad way.
In Britain local councils follow charity's handouts ,quickly confiscating donated sleeping bags and tents off them so they won't get comfortable and stay.stealing homelessness peoples only possession s.
Some history: Lyndon Johnson said, "We have just eliminated poverty in America." That was the beginning of the great welfare program. All it did was draw more lazy worthless people into poverty. Why work when all they had to do was have more babies to qualify for more of someone else's money. Giving anything isn't helping, it's providing. Except for serious illness, people make their own problems. Homelessness is a consequence of their choices and wanton irresponsibility. The mentally disabled homeless get SSA and SSI benefits, which are over $950 per month in California. That's enough for housing; but, they prefer drugs in stead of housing. Sorry, no sympathy!
They should be test on
It's on you get a job
HAWAII .despite being the major wedding destination that it is, has a horrific issue with thehimelesss and working homeless. they spend 40hrs a week at work just like you or i and come “home” to a TENT. that may or may not be there when they return from work. there are programs to help the homeless not be homeless, but it comes to rules that they have to follow. And they would rather be homeless then follow the rules.
You can lead a horse to water......
I cant believe he forgot 2 important facts
1. Overwhelming majority of homeless are men
2. They are also mostly veterans of war.
As a former homeless person myself I hate to admit that every thing you said in your video is true. I was fortunate that I was saved by my family as I was too mentally (Depression) sick to save myself. I was on medication for my depression and working but lost my job and my medication so I quickly was homeless and not medicated for my Depression.
A large number of the homeless are mentally ill as society emptied the asylums years ago and there was no community resources to help the released mentally ill stay on their medications.
Simon, I am so impressed with this list. Its hard to relay to friends, etc., the intensity of the homeless experience. Harder still to validate my perception of the experience. I have always conceded that my morale at the time grew progressively worse and I know that affected my outlook on things, but I insisted there was a noted difference in how I was treated when people saw my situation, or realized my "secret". I appreciate the scientific support you included regarding homeless being seen as objects, as it is descriptive when communicating about that treatment to others, and explains the incredibly fast and complete change in treatment we received, I am less baffled lol It helps me reflect on some of the things we went through in a way that I can digest, forgive, and have hope for change through awareness and empathy for our struggling brothers and sisters. We survived because we either knew or met many people who didn't see us as objects, and gave us strength to go a little longer. There were obvious challenges and many are not well-known or thought of at all, at least not by me when it started lol we appreciate our heros so much even still, little kindnesses saved us, a smile from a stranger or an email message from an old high school pal can make a person feel real and significant again and that there might still be reason to fight. It was almost comical to explain my struggles attimes. I had to find a way to stay clean for work, showers were a huge challenge that I didn't have on my mental list. I was sleep deprived because I was terrified someone would hurt my child while we were sleeping in our SUV, and parking was impossible and turned into tears more than once just because I one allowed it and I didn't want confrontation, Walmart was changing their tolerance. To keep warm in Denver was insanely expensive, it's hard to cook even ramen in a car, it kept me broke no matter how many hours I worked. I fell and sprained my ankle so I applied for food stamps, it was based on the previous pay period so I got $11 to feed my son and I. No one even wanted to help jump start us when I parked with the lights on once, people were so cold hearted or absolute heros, not much in between. Thank you for such an insightful and informative list. You're my new favorite 😀
11, Western governments and their virtue signalling loonie leftist populations prioritise foreigners over their own homeless citizens.
Me and my 3 yr old daughter are living in my car that the bank wants to repossess. I fear for my daughter is why I don't go a shelter. What this video is telling me is there is no hope for my daughter. We will never get out of this. I am sorry honey, I love you very much and I am sorry we are in this situation I have been working so hard to get us out of it, but... I love you my beautiful daughter, I am sorry.
and how delightful it is to not have to listen all those BS Domestic BS dysfunctional Families and the never ending story of all of that............what a RELIEF!!
and for anyone who has been able to get the pocket WIFI and a laptop working using a Linux System like me and some of my learned friend like away you go...........WOOSH!! while the others are buggering around with stupid;s all about your attitude and your reluctance to listen to all the BS from everyone else who are frightened of being homeless.......and who are so stupid that they waste all their money on drugs and all that BS.... and even stranger is that some of the rich people are truly DUMB except about TAX EVASION.......that's where they are the GENIUS of their time!!! and the medical hospitals are infested with SUPER BUGS because many of you didn't realize how stupid some of these medical idiots really are........Natural Therapies is what cured the Bubonic Plague not Medical........out
Everyday, I tell my husband that we are so fortunate to have a roof over our heads. I’ve seen a drastic increase in homelessness in our area, and their lives are terrible. They get harassed by young idiots that need to be taught a lesson. I donate clothing and food whenever I can, but I doubt it helps them that much in the long run, our gov’t needs to step in with real help. 😡
This is spot on, for what I witnessed in Northeast Kansas City (a tough part of Kansas City). No one would believe the stuff that went on there. The poor will often turn on each other. A brick in the arm was a favorite assault. Truman East Hospital treated them like crap, grilling them for hours trying to find a source of money. HOURS before they were treated. If a homeless got assaulted, or even killed.. it was no big deal. It's like a pack of dogs, that have no turf of their own.. in a no man's land.
Huh? Isnt paying $6000 to send a homeless person to Paris act of war or something like that ?
I guess I was technically homeless while working for a few weeks. Slept in my car and showered at the gym or at work
I must admit to the fact that I was one of those people who just saw homeless people as an annoying thing in my way whilst driving to a gift shop etc for my daughter, but this video opened my eyes and I will make an effort to try and support at least one of them by trying to help them, that will be a personal goal of mine. Damn I feel so bad.
Invincible homeless raise up
No-one has the right to condemn the homeless. All it takes to become homeless is a series of unfortunate events; an illness that causes the loss of a job followed by a breakdown in a relationship followed by depression. How many of us have been through that? Most of us are lucky enough to bounce back but some are not so lucky. It's that's simple so don't ever think it could never happen to you because it could so have some empathy, help out when you can & don't treat them as second rate or as objects to be mistrusted, despised or ridiculed because they're people & one day it could be you.

What is statistics?
Statistics is a mathematical body of science that pertains to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data, or as a branch of mathematics.