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By the 18th century, the term "statistics" designated the systematic collection of demographic and economic data by states.
The term "mathematical statistics" designates the mathematical theories of probability and statistical inference, which are used in statistical practice.
Blaise Pascal, an early pioneer on the mathematics of probability.

Top 5 Gun Control Myths Debunked! | Louder With Crowder

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Karl Pearson was a founder of mathematical statistics.


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Look Crowder. I know how u feel about gun rights in the states and all your cowboys and emos feel like they need one. In Ireland at the of writing this we have the worst gun crime in europe despite officially having the least amount of guns in the eu. Now we are in a unique situation thanks to our good neighbours England who left the country split in 2 and caused a civil war where we bought guns the first time from nazis and the second time from commies.
But we have never had as many guns from either of these fellas as are being handed to us by US gangsters. My cousin works in law enforcement in the country and under police stats on the biggest crime family here,the kinahans, they are expected to bring in roughly 4 guns a day. Now that may not sounf like a lot but please bare in mind our country has a few dozen terrorist groups and hundreds of organised crime families. My father has applied legally for a gun here but under irish law all we have is a double barrel that is forced to have a trigger lock. My question to u is what do u believe is our best course of action? Bare in mind the sheer level of guns in this country is enough to allow every citizen to take part in another civil war dual wielding pistols. I know how easy it is to get a firearm from you guys across the water as I unfortunately wasted my life working with one of these families to bring them in by boat and have since served my time and worl tiresly to find someone to solve our epidemic. My girlfriend has recently given birth to my daughter and I don't want her to grow up in the world I know is true for this small nation. Please I like your content and agree/disagree with the many interesting and observant points you and your team make. Please help me
It's just faster to buy a gun than to get a driver's license because buying a gun is in the private sector not a government ran dmv lol
The United States is COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL with it's IDIOTIC gun culture leaving in it's wake dead children , students , church attenders Mothers , Daughters , Fathers, Sons,Grandmothers , if you don't care about your fellow man STICK TO YOUR GUNS!!
Drug laws stop illegal drugs from being sold. Speeding laws stop people from speeding in their vehicles. Drunk driving laws stop people from driving while drunk. It seems to me that the gun laws should stop someone from committing murder. But wait, illegal drugs are almost everywhere. I see people speeding in their vehicles all the time, I’ve almost been hit by a drunk driver, and I hear about people being murdered with guns. It can’t be true. None of it. I mean, we have laws in place to prevent things like this from happening. Are you telling me that people are breaking the law ?? I don’t believe it. Everyone obeys the law. Nobody would ever break the law. Please oh please, someone tell me it ain’t so !!!!!
The other day, I layed my modern sporting rifle down on the table. Guess what ?? It didn’t pick itself up, it didn’t load itself, it didn’t point itself at anyone, and it didn’t pull it’s own trigger. With the 40 round Pmag sticking out, that rifle should have went berserk. But, guess what else ?? Nobody got hurt. Does that mean my gun is broken ?? I mean, come on. Guns are evil, right ??
Leftists: We stop gun violence by banning bullets!!! Bam nailed it!!! We'll send the bullets to Venezuela for the people to eat for food. You gun rotting rednecks can use the guns as clubs and blunt weapons against home invaders and to fight off bears.
18 to get most firearms. 21 TO GET HANDGUNS.
he is giveing these stetistics on mass shotings yet in another video he said "Mass Shooting is not a legally defined term, there is not a deffinition of mass shoting" so in this video i wonder what his definition of mass shooting is
Myth #1: any gun is an assault weapon. The very fact that a handgun can kill as many as an assault rifle (however that's defined) proves the point that there is no material difference between the two. In fact, every weapon after the Founding Era is by lexical definition an automatic weapons. Thus instead of just banning assault rifles we should ban handguns too.

Myth #2: Of course it's easier to access a gun than to access a car. Any child can access a gun and any child can fire a gun, but how many toddlers can drive a car or gain access to a car or know to use the ignition key.

I find it ironic that the same people are "snowflakes" for their fear of guns but not snowflakes for their fear of cars. Of course cars are dangerous. So is talking to your best friend you may have the flu that can kill. So is swimming, riding a bicycle, exercising if one has an undiagnosed heart ailment. We live with risks. The issue is the ratio of risk to benefit, part of a rational polity. And the fact is, there are just too many benefits from cars and very few, if any, from guns. In fact, why else do average people own numerous guns but very few, even the rich, own numerous cars. Many arrests discover an arsenal of weapons in the suspect's home.

As for the claim that a car is not a right, one hanged horse thieves in former times but to my knowledge they never hanged gun thieves.

Notice how the speaker contradicts himself. First he mocks the claim that "It's easier to get a gun than a driver's license" (1:46; 3:20) ("you have to jump through some hoops to show that you can drive the car" but you don't need to prove you can safely possess a gun or even fire it).

Myth #3: "Gun free zones prevent mass shootings." That's like saying that red lights prevent auto accidents. OF COURSE THEY DON'T They merely minimize the number of accidents.

Myth #4: "Concealed carry holder don't stop violent crimes." That's like saying that it's a myth that speeding through red lights results in an accident, by pointing out some cases where that does not happen. This kind of logic is nonsense. NO ONE DENIES THAT A GUN CAN BE USEFUL, just like passing 20 red lights can save a child's life. We are talking about NORMS, about risk-benefit ratios.

Even the person who stops a killer after he's killed 22 persons with a gun didn't stop the 22 deaths. Notice too the unconscionable triage logic: since 55 people stopped a crime, apparently it's not that important that 55 people were killed by a gun crime. To return to my earlier analogy of passing red lights, the fact the 50 people got to their jobs on time or saved a child's life by passing red lights, while 50 were killed passing through a red light, does not justify passing through red lights, even if the stats could be proved, and frankly there is no way to prove the accuracy of such stats. And we are to accept certain stats when the gun lobby has banned CDC stats? That will never happen. The gun rights apologists will not dictate which stats are legitimate and which are not.

As for the phrase, "undeniable statistics," that's in itself an oxymoron. There is no such thing as "undeniable" stats when stats are inherently problematic. As Mark Twain attributively wrote, "There are 3 kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Note that "stats" come even after lies and damned lies!

Myth 5: gun control laws work. The speaker asks, "Can anyone name a law that will stop mass shootings?"

At that point, 7:11 approx. I stopped viewing the video. I don't waste my time on silly comments. NO LAW IN HISTORY STOPS ANYTHING. Nor does a locked door keep burglars out YET PEOPLE LOCK THEIR DOORS.

This is what is called the Nirvana Fallacy. Unless a law or practice will produce Nirvana, or a perfect world, that law or practice is useless. I'm not wasting time on such "logic."
Some mass shootings technically might have been prevented I'd the FBI put all known felons in the database
How about a law that says don't shoot people
God I love it when sheeple cant do any research on there own.
Let’s just make it illegal to shoot people.
That’ll show ‘em...
However, you can't debunk the fact that they ARE INDEED TRYING TO TAKE YOUR GUNS. This, my friends, is NO MYTH!
In PA a handgun must be linked to a license you cant use ID you can for a rifle or shotgun
big poopy stank law dummy
Also, cars a fucking 2,000 pound missiles. A police officer spoke to our class, and told us a story of when he went on a call of a car wreck, and when he arrived there was a man, involved in the wreck, who had most of his head gone, small portions of the brain still there, and the tounge was still flapping, and he was stumbling around and eventually died from blood loss and HAVING HALF OF HIS HEAD WHACKED OFF. CARS ARE MORE DANGEROUS THAN GUNS.
"assault rifles" are what will be used if we ever have to take back the country. this is why they hate them.
My favorite pro-gun point though is the statistic that (by far) more people have been killed by tyrannical governments worldwide in the last 100 years than total people killed in homicides by other people worldwide in the same timeframe.

What is statistics?
Statistics is a mathematical body of science that pertains to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data, or as a branch of mathematics.